Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We're number #171,394!

Well, two or three cool people out there in cyberspace have purchased a copy of my book on Amazon! I don't know who you are, but thank you and I hope you love it!

I noticed the first purchase a day or so ago and was delighted to see that I now had a ranking: 250,ooo and something in books. :) Then when I checked again later (for the exact number, so I could write this post), my ranking had dropped to 500,ooo and something. Whoa! The ranking must have a factor in it for how recent the purchase is. Anyway, with someone's purchase of two more copies, my ranking has broken the 200,ooo mark -- for now. Please humor me while I enjoy all this cool stuff. What can I say -- it's my first book. :)

By the time this posts, I'm sure my ranking will have changed again. If you want to see the listing, the link is here.


kale for sale said...

Have fun. I think all authors do this. At least I've heard a bunch talk about it.

Donna said...

Thanks! I am having fun. Now, I'm trying to see how bad my rating can get. It was #878,174 this morning!