Monday, June 8, 2009

Annual shopping trip

Not far from where we live, there is a community that has an annual group garage sale -- group meaning about 130 houses. I keep a wish list and mark the date on my calendar.

This year, my list was slightly different than it was last year. I did so well finding clothes for Munchkin last year that I didn't need much, but I did need a few things for him, especially toys and activities. In the past I've been so successful finding everything on my list that this year I took "orders." Scott wanted a kayak, sports car and a popcorn popper and Munchkin wanted more Legos, Lincoln Logs, fingerpainting supplies and blue shirts (the color firemen wear).

Cash in hand, I set off Saturday morning to see what I could find. The selection was very different this year from previous years. Everybody was selling furniture -- tables, chairs, beds, sofas, sofabeds, freezers, entertainment centers, desks, china cabinets, end tables, and I even saw two kitchen sinks, one of which was complete with cabinet. If you need furniture, check out garage sales this summer.

I didn't need any furniture so I came home with:

For Munchkin: jacket, vest, shoes, mittens, snow bibs, 6 pairs of socks, Candyland, 3 puzzles, a toy truck, fingerpainting paper, washable markers, more Lincoln Logs, and 3 blue shirts.
For Scott and me: 1 video, a popcorn popper and a pizza peel

I found Scott a like-new kayak, but he decided he didn't want it badly enough to pay $50 for it. The sports car was even more expensive. :) Also, I learned that no one sells their Legos. The pizza peel cost one dollar, so I purchased my breadbaking stone and peel for under $5. I don't dare tell my friend who bought new and paid over $60. Her stone broke, but my $3.79 tile is holding up just fine.

In all, an enjoyable way to spend a morning and a mere 20 bucks.


kale for sale said...

Why do you think folks are selling more furniture? I could use a book case however and am going to take your advice and check out our local garage sales.

Donna said...

kale: I don't know. It's a pretty well-off neighborhood and so my best guess is that people are remodeling instead of moving and they're getting rid of furniture they no longer need. That would explain the kitchen sinks. I've never seen so much furniture at garage sales in my life!

Green Bean said...

I love love love garage sales! They are so the way to go. Congrats on all your finds.