Thursday, June 18, 2009

Long time no post

Thanks to all of you who are still out there -- no, I haven't fallen off the deep end or anything. I've just not been taking much time for blogging recently, and I haven't even answered some recent comments. Thanks, you guys, for stopping by and commenting anyway!

We are still deciding whether to move. House hunting is fun, but very stressful and time consuming, too. We had an engineer look at a potential problem at our present house last night and he told us that we need to tear up almost the whole backyard to fix it. And we thought the new roof would be the biggest expense!

I've received requests for more cute Munchkin stories. Maybe in a day or two. We heard the tragic news this morning that the 5-year-old cousin of one of Munchkin's little friends was killed in a freak car accident last night. Munchkin has also played with the cousin, but insists he doesn't remember her. I think it's his way of coping. It's hard to focus right now, but I wanted to share.

So anyway, thanks everybody for hanging in there with me. If we really get going with this house thing, my posting might be sporadic for a while, but I'm still here.


dogear6 said...

Blogging is a lot of effort, which is why I do not do one. I have enough going on in my life. I do enjoy the Munchkin stories (actually, all your stories) and am happy when you have time to share.

Joyce said...

Hope you find a house you like soon. We're doing more repair/remodeling, and that's cut into my blogging, too.

Donna said...

Hey, thanks, guys. :)

dogear: I'm glad you enjoy the stories. You're right about the amount of effort. I originally began my blog so I had a place to record Munchkin's antics and so out-of-town relatives wouldn't miss anything. It's fun, but it has been a lot of effort, too.

Joyce: That repair/remodeling stuff takes more time than we think, huh! We're just about to embark on a ton of it! Glad you're still around in the blogosphere. :)

kale for sale said...

I look forward to reading your stories and they're worth waiting for whenever you're inspired. Best of luck with house hunting and/or repairs. It's another type of gardening isn't it; growing and tending to a home and family. My heart goes out to the family who have lost their daughter.

Donna said...

kale: Your comments are always day-brighteners. Thank you. I never thought of it as gardening, but it kind of is. Good thing I'm better at taking care of my family than I am caring for plants. My husband refers to the row of ailing plants on my kitchen windowsill as "Gitmo."