Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cherry pickers

This year we went at the very beginning of the season so that there would be low-hanging cherries for Munchkin to pick. I've never seen the trees this loaded before -- it was just beautiful.


Green Bean said...

Holy cherries!! I've never seen so many cherries on a tree. They certainly don't grow like that here in the Bay Area. Enjoy!

kale for sale said...

Beautiful. Last year the neighbors plum tree looked similar to your cherry tree picture and this year, hardly any plums at all. It's been a good lesson on not taking the harvest for granted! Enjoy.

Donna said...

GB: It turns out that we had a record cherry harvest this year, which is bad for the cherry farmers in our convoluted system. I've never seen them like this before, either!

kale: Interesting about the plum tree. Yes, the harvest varies from year to year. Just to keep us on our toes. :)