Thursday, July 16, 2009

Scoop question, cont.

Thanks to kale's cute guy for contributing that Scoop only sneezes when he's got a cold. Munchkin now wants to know how he sneezes without a mouth.

Green bean is currently inquiring of her resident Scoop expert. Does he know?

Does anybody know?


kale for sale said...

He sneezes through his nose - the exaust pipe (yeah, I had to ask the cute guy again).

dogear6 said...

I thought that's what the big scoop with the teeth was!

Donna said...

kale: Oh, I thought that was for something else... Thanks for playing. :)

dogear: Nice try. That makes sense, but Munchkin's scoop is more like a bulldozer.

Green Bean said...

Still inquiring . . . e.g., mom forgot. :) But believe me! The bean boys will want to answer this one.

Donna said...

GB: That's cool. Just let us all know when your resident Scoop experts come up with an answer. :)