Monday, August 17, 2009

Local wildlife

Before I finish my Montana posts, I'll leave you with a couple of my favorite wildlife pictures from our trip...

Wait! What's he doing here?!!

This picture was taken with a wide angle lens. Please don't tell the rangers.

And here on a distant slope is Munchkin's favorite animal (if you look closely, you'll see it in the center, in yellow).

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pot and kettle

Our first week camping, we were fortunate to have as neighbors two very nice 12-year-old boys who would place "chase" with Munchkin for hours. The second week we moved to the other side of the park and had neighbors who sat by the campfire every evening and played professional level bluegrass. It was lovely and Munchkin got spoiled by getting to fall asleep to the music every night.

There weren't a lot of kids around, however, so one afternoon when we ate lunch outside the lodge, Munchkin was delighted to find a 5-year-old boy and his 2-year-old brother. The boys played and played. After spending a little time only with the 5-year-old, Munchkin said, "Let's find out what the noisy one is doing!"

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The egg lady

At the end of our first week in a tent, we drove out to West Glacier, a town at the entrance of the park, to do some necessary laundry, grocery shopping, etc. Imagine my delight to learn that West Glacier hosts a farmers' market and it was happening that afternoon! A taste of local in a world of canned, dried and packaged everything.

Scott was quick to spot the huckleberry mini-size pies. I promised we'd get one after we'd looked around. Sad to say, he had spotted the last two pies and they were gone before we got back to that booth.

The hit of the market, though, was the egg lady. Laying on the ground next to her table was a bear rug that looked a little too real. We asked her about it and were treated to the whole story of how that bear had tried to eat her. She fought single-handedly and valiently. Even knocked out one of his teeth (See? This one!) but she was destined to become dinner until she remembered she had a knife. While fighting off the bear, she whipped out her knife and stabbed him (See? Here's where I got him!), thus killing the bear and escaping with her life. All the while, her husband stood by helpless, insisting that he couldn't use his gun because he might shoot his wife. The story was quite detailed.

We left for a while, but returned to the market before we drove back to our campsite. As I walked past the egg lady, she was entertaining yet another customer with the story of her conquest.

Friday, August 14, 2009

If only moving were this easy

Our first night at Glacier, we gratefully took one of the last remaining spots in the whole campground. By the next morning, it was clear that our spot was way too small as we were tripping over each other and grumpy. Like vultures, we walked the loop watching for a better spot to open up. Finally, we found a spot that was much better.

Scott was going to tear down everything and set it back up again at the new site, but I convinced him that we could save a lot of work if we picked up the tent and carried it. I wish I could have video taped it, but Scott and I walked the loop carrying the tent while Munchkin walked in front of us swinging his arms and calling out, "WIDE LOAD! WIDE LOAD!"

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Some people spend thousands to go to Disneyland...

We've discovered a way to get a better "wow" factor for our money, and we don't even have to leave home!

Somehow, our blissful vacation went from this:

to this:
Amid the chaos of getting our house ready to sell, I'm trying to hang on to the last remnants of peace and relaxation. I'm posting a couple cute stories from our trip. Look for them to show up each day at 4pm, PST.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I've been in Montana for the last two weeks. Hope you all enjoyed the couple of posts I postdated while I was gone and thanks to everyone who left comments -- I've answered them now. I'm looking forward to posting photos of some of the incredible views, but I'm still getting my photos transfered over to my laptop. In the meantime, here's a little "cute Munchkin" story from vacation...

Eating out with a 4-year-old is always an adventure. The first evening, we stopped at a Burgerville, which we all love. During dinner Munchkin asked for more catsup, so Scott picked up one of those large squeeze bottles they have in restaurants. As he began to squirt the catsup, Munchkin grabbed the bottle around the middle and squeezed hard, making a large pile of catsup on his plate.

After Scott regained control of the catsup bottle, he turned to me and said under his breath, "He's pretty sharp."

To which Munchkin replied, "Sharp wanted more catsup!"