Saturday, August 15, 2009

The egg lady

At the end of our first week in a tent, we drove out to West Glacier, a town at the entrance of the park, to do some necessary laundry, grocery shopping, etc. Imagine my delight to learn that West Glacier hosts a farmers' market and it was happening that afternoon! A taste of local in a world of canned, dried and packaged everything.

Scott was quick to spot the huckleberry mini-size pies. I promised we'd get one after we'd looked around. Sad to say, he had spotted the last two pies and they were gone before we got back to that booth.

The hit of the market, though, was the egg lady. Laying on the ground next to her table was a bear rug that looked a little too real. We asked her about it and were treated to the whole story of how that bear had tried to eat her. She fought single-handedly and valiently. Even knocked out one of his teeth (See? This one!) but she was destined to become dinner until she remembered she had a knife. While fighting off the bear, she whipped out her knife and stabbed him (See? Here's where I got him!), thus killing the bear and escaping with her life. All the while, her husband stood by helpless, insisting that he couldn't use his gun because he might shoot his wife. The story was quite detailed.

We left for a while, but returned to the market before we drove back to our campsite. As I walked past the egg lady, she was entertaining yet another customer with the story of her conquest.

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