Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Swimming lessons

Life is crazy around here getting our house ready to sell, which is why I'm hardly posting, but I have a cute Munchkin story to share. If I don't write them down, I forget them by the next day. Anyway...

Munchkin has been taking swimming lessons off and on all summer. He's done great -- he's advanced from sheer terror to being the kid the teacher uses to demonstrate new skills. When he's not the center of attention, he spends his time teaching the other boys how to kick and splash.

This morning I observed the teacher trying to get Munchkin to jump into the pool without holding her hand. They went back and forth, but Munchkin grabbed her hand at the last minute as he jumped in. As we drove home, I asked Munchkin about it. He said that he told his teacher that he's not old enough to jump into the pool by himself, yet. I suggested that maybe he'd be old enough by Thursday (his next lesson). Munchkin thought for a second and then answered, "I won't be 5 by Thursday."

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