Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tale of two dinners

Well, we did it. After months that felt like a marathon, we finally prepared our house to sell and it is now on the market. Now, all we have to do is keep it clean & tidy for all the hordes of people that will come and look at it. Ha ha. Remember, I have a Munchkin. One day I was washing windows -- not exactly a usual activity for me :) -- and I spotted him "helping" by breathing on my clean windows and "washing" them with his fingers. The best way to keep the house clean is to not be there.

Anyway, we had an end-of-the-summer and whew-we-did-it dinner to celebrate. I didn't realize until afterwards that it was almost completely local. So here's an idea for a wonderful, tasty, end-of-summer dinner. Everything's local except for the marinade ingredients and the sugar.

  • Broiled T-bone steak: from our cow and marinated with a homemade marinade (we were going to BBQ, but the BBQ is buried in the garage and we were tired)
  • Corn-on-the-cob: local, and served with local butter
  • Green beans: local
  • Fresh peach ice cream: homemade using local cream, milk, eggs, peaches & non-local sugar (the ice cream maker was buried, too, but I guess we were more motivated to find it!)
That was the night before we listed our house. The next evening, we went out to dinner since we had people coming through. The next evening, dinner was interrupted and I don't remember what we did. So the next evening, when Munchkin's preschool offered a free back-to-school BBQ for the families, we decided to attend.

I don't mean to be too critical since the dinner was free, they were trying to do it cheap, and the person who organized it is a very nice person who worked very hard, but dinner was too remarkable not to share. It was...

  • One small hot dog of dubious origin, barbequed
  • White little hot dog bun
  • Catsup, mustard and relish (which I skipped since I don't like goop)
  • Miniature bag of chips such as Chitos
  • Can of soda pop
  • Thin little slices of watermelon
I'm not sure I've ever eaten a meal containing less nutrition. The next morning, I woke up famished. Can anybody top this?


Myrto Ashe said...

The question in my mind these days is whether finally, I should be doing "something" when an educational institution puts together a dinner like this.

I have very limited time for "activism". The time I have (schooldays, 9-2, in bits and pieces, and after bedtime, 10-12, if still able to think) doesn't fit the standard activist, evenings and weekends timetable.

So these days I send emails. I try to make them polite, short, constructive. I would have a hard time with this one. Especially as this is standard fare for a majority of Americans - but there is such a thing as consciousness raising.

Donna said...

Myrto Ashe: Thanks for your comment. Yes, I had a hard time knowing what to do with this one, too. Maybe next time I'll get involved in the planning so I can have some positive influence.