Friday, December 4, 2009

Dark Days week 3: Comfort food

Thank you to those who pointed out to me last week that the first law of moving says that one must not try to cook while moving. :) I assure you that after cleaning out the kitchen, we did indeed indulge in some meals out. Moving Van Day was followed by a meal consisting of turkey leftovers graciously given to us by our Thanksgiving hosts, but local fast food franchises also saw some business. Among those was a Hawaiian restaurant owned by our former next-door neighbor, who bought it at a garage sale when he found out that the double-wide refrigerator he really wanted came with a restaurant, but that's another story.

The day after Moving Van Day was one of the hardest because we still weren't done. As Munchkin and I drove to the U-Haul place to pick up Scott who was returning the truck, I was thinking about dinner. There is a locally-owned restaurant we love called The Glenwood. Scott takes me there when I need comfort because he knows the tomato-cheese soup works wonders. They have a nice variety of breakfast foods and light meals on their menu, but we always order the same things, even Munchkin. I don't know how many ingredients they source locally, but the place has a very local feel.

Anyway, I was thinking that we should go there for dinner when Munchkin interrupted my thoughts saying, "Mommy, I have an idea. We should go to The Glenwood for dinner." Naturally, I told him it was a great idea and we should suggest it to Daddy. We picked up Scott and before Munchkin had a chance to say anything Scott asked, "What do you think about going to The Glenwood tonight?"

When the waiter came to take our order, Munchkin said, without prompting, "I want a blueberry muffin! And bacon! And soy milk!" The waiter was great -- he wrote it all down and then asked Scott and I for our orders. Scott got the egg scramble he always gets (the one I copied for this post) and I got the half Alder Street Special with a big bowl of tomato-cheese soup substituted for the little cup of soup that comes with it, like I always do. We all felt much better afterwards.

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