Sunday, February 21, 2010

Who really won this battle?

Lego fireman got confiscated this evening. That's what happens when Munchkin throws a toy across the room instead of doing as he's told. Scott put the fireman on top of the refrigerator and Munchkin ran wailing from the room.

The problem turned out not to be the confiscation, but rather that the fireman would have to stay on top of the refrigerator all alone! He would get scared! He would get lonely! Munchkin was unconsolable until we added two more Legomen to be friends for the original fireman.

Right before bedtime, Munchkin asked me what it was he did to get the fireman taken away.


Janet said...

Ah, Donna! You guys are oh-so-good at staying a step ahead of the munchkin guy ... but I do think he won on this one! :) --Janet

Donna said...